Here you will find useful information about sewage treatment processes as well as current (and archived) news stories.


A digger covering dirt over a diamond sewage treatment plant during installation

ConSept Installation in a Listed Building

24 Sept 2020

James and Miles installed an Allerton 10PE ConSept in the grounds of a Grade 2 listed building in Takeley, Essex. 

Outlet pipe cable for ConSept

A Dirty Job

27 July 2020


About 30 years ago, before Confined Spaces laws were brought in, Jon Allerton had the task of converting a large cesspool into a pump chamber. A cesspool is an underground tank used to store raw sewage till it is emptied by a suction tanker.

Allerton’s Good Work Filters Through

7 December 2020

Low quality effluent for sewage

The Problem

Allerton were recently asked to assess a small sewage treatment system serving a domestic property in Lincolnshire. The system is believed to date back from the 1940’s.


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