ConSept Installation in a Listed Building

20 Sept 2020

The ConSept is a piece of equipment designed to fit inside a septic tank (brick or GRP) so as to convert it to a functional Sewage Treatment Plant. These are generally accepted by the EA after a permit has been applied for. The site was a grade 2 listed building in Takeley, Essex. Click on the below sketch plan for reference.
Sketch plan for installation
Jason Bradley had previously visited the site in order to assess the suitability and depth of the septic tank. As each septic varies in depth, the ConSept is tailor-made for each site at the factory unit in Sleaford. James and Miles, the site engineers, were on site early to ensure that the de-sludger had emptied the tank properly.
Old Septic Tank


The ConSept was duly installed and connected to the blower, the only moving part of the whole unit. A short length of air pipe connects the blower to the diffuser in the ConSept. The ConSept also has the very useful facility of raising the treated effluent to ground level. This means high water levels in the ditch or ground really don't matter!


Outlet Pipe for ConSept The blower is housed in a GRP kiosk and in this case was raised a few inches to prevent flood damage. The picture below shows top of the ConSept and the base of the kiosk with the blower.


The introduction of a constant stream of air into the tank encourages the aerobic bacteria. They breakdown organic matter far better than anaerobic bacteria and the quality of the final effluent enables it to be discharged to the ditch.

Now for the hard work, laying the electricity cable. 

Cable trench for ConSept Outlet Pipe for ConSept

In this case, the engineers were able to use the owner's own digger to trench over 50 metres from the blower to the Isolating Switch on the wall of the stables. A simple job then to connect to a 13 amp power point inside the building .

Isolator switch for ConSept

Fortunately the tarmac drive did not need to be opened up as an unused drain was used as a duct. After the trench was backfilled, there was really very little to see. 

Replaced Soil - ConSept installationreplaced soil - consept installation

The septic tank covers were corroded by sewage gases, not uncommon actually, and the two engineers replaced them with new galvanised covers and frames. Another job done!

manhole cover - ConSept installation

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