Lessons learned

06 December 2022


beware of dogs

One time Jon Allerton was asked to make a site visit to a farm in order to advise and quote for rectifying a septic tank problem. The farmers had said, in no uncertain terms, ”Do not go round the back because of the dogs! And don’t ring the doorbell ! Wait for me, I will be there at 3pm.”

After a wait of twenty minutes Mr. Allerton didn’t want to wait any longer. The man was late. Mr. Allerton was a busy man too and had other people to see afterwards.

man checking watch

Image by halayalex on Freepik

He should have waited. He knew that. But a slow walk round the farm and cart shed would not do any harm would it? He did hear dogs barking but lots of people in the countryside have dogs. While not a dog lover himself he recognised the need for dogs both as guard dogs and as companions.

There was no sign of a Septic Tank in the front or on the field side of the property. So he went back to the car to wait... after a few minutes Jon thought of driving to the next appointment. Still no sign so he did what anybody would do – get on with the job!

 man waiting in car

Image by wirestock on Freepik 

So he strode out with purpose through the barn and saw the narrow door with the old fashioned wooden latch. Finger through the hole in the door and he was now in the back.

wooden latch on barn door

He saw two cars, one a Range Rover and a couple of manhole covers on the ground. He tried to ignore the dogs, by now barking loudly. One was an Alsation and the other a Rottweiller he realised as he stood by the tank and some distance from the door. He noticed, amid all the din, that the dog’s hairs on their necks were vertical.

alsatian and rottweiler

Image by The Happy Puppy Site 

”Don’t let them think you are afraid.” he thought. He walked a measured stride back to the door wondering whether he would actually make it.

The noise was now full on, like the saliva foaming from both dogs mouths. Just as he got to the door, it opened.

 shirt grab cartoon

Image by Freepik

The farmer reached in and grabbed him by his shirt collar and dragged him into the cart shed. Shaken, but realising he was in the wrong he put on an air of relaxed calm. The farmer, both annoyed and relieved, took Jon round to the other side where they could view the yard, the tank and the two furious dogs though an 8 foot high fence.

Jon learned a lesson that day, two lessons in fact. One is that Rottweilers can jump vertically 6 feet high in front of your face! The other lesson learned was that it is important to listen to what people say!

 For those interested, he didn’t get the job!