Is your sewage treatment plant misbehaving?

Is your Klargester disk clanking, your Marsh unit mullered or your blower not blowing?

Are your pumps not pumping like they used to?

Perhaps the warning lights are flashing or maybe you have no lights on at all?

Or worst of all, is sewage heading back towards YOUR house? Yuck!


Sewage treatment plants and pump stations are wonderful things that allow us to live and work in beautiful places but when they go wrong they can cause some serious headaches and smells!

Maybe you could decide to do it yourself and get your hands dirty (literally!) donning a pair of rubber gloves and fishing out pumps, floats and who knows what! Then you might need to order the spares, hoping that you have diagnosed the fault and ordered the correct parts, spending time on the phone or website of various manufacturers who will happily sell you parts without fully knowing what the problem might be. After a day or so of waiting while the system is filling up and smelling worse, its back out into the garden to fit the parts and test the system. It works and all is well or it doesn’t work and you start all over again with your money and time so far wasted.

So you decide to call a professional but who? You phone round a few companies and get answer machines and dodgy mobile lines. You try to explain the problem but the people on the other end of the phone don’t sound too sure. They unblock drains and empty tanks but do they really know much about the expensive and critical piece of equipment in your garden with trips and fuses and thingamies?

Then comes the frustration of being given a rough day and time for them to come, so you must wait in maybe having taken a day off work to do so. At last the person turns up and then you are in their hands as they prod, probe and call back to base for advice. They need to go get parts because they don’t have them or they need to order them, so they disappear and you wait… and wait… eventually the work gets done and they go away.

But do you know what they did, did they record it, is it fixed right and ultimately will it stay fixed?   

This might sound dramatic but it is unfortunately what many people experience. Our new clients describe taking days off work to be left frustrated at problems not resolved or being shocked by huge bills for call outs after the event. These people might be able to unblock drains with rods and empty tanks but are they really specialists’ in your system?

What can we do?

At Allerton we believe in doing things differently. We are not after the quick sale or taking advantage of a difficult situation, we want to develop a long term relationship with our clients. We have been trading over 40 years and have clients that have been with us for decades. That’s not a fluke, it’s because we deliver an outstanding service and our clients trust us to advise them on the things that do and don’t need doing. We work with our clients to maximise the lifespan and performance of their units. We didn’t start out doing something else then thought we’d try maintaining systems, we have manufactured our own systems and serviced others right from day one, this is what we do.

So what will happen when you phone or email Allerton in your hour of need?

If you are an existing client with a maintenance agreement, great! We already have your details and know your specific system. Your maintenance agreement means that you get priority when we are responding to breakdowns. We are on our way!

If you haven’t used us before then that’s ok too. When you call you will speak to one of our experienced office team who will take some basic details from you.  If you have any details on the make and model of your system that would be great. All our office team have had training on different systems and have all passed a course by our industry body British Water. We are perhaps the only company in the UK where our office team have been trained in this way.

The office team member will identify the type of system you have and will advise on any specific steps that you should take before the engineer arrives. You will be provided with an accurate price for attending site and fixing the problem as well as the costs of the most likely parts. The way we price is clear and upfront. We can arrange for the system to be emptied if you would like us to.  

We will book in a day and time that is convenient, we have one of the largest field servicing teams so we can respond quickly and efficiently. The engineer can give you a call before they get to you if you wish so you don’t have to spend all day waiting in. We can work round school runs or organise you for to be first or last call whatever is easiest for you.

All our engineers are British Water Accredited which means that they can work on any system, peace of mind for you. We have the only British Water Accredited engineers in Lincolnshire. They will identify the issue quickly and advise you of what they found. They will not replace any parts until you OK it. The engineers carry hundreds of spare parts on their vans and will rectify the vast majority of faults in one visit.   

Once the engineer has finished you will be provided with a written record of the works carried out and any parts changed. The engineer will provide you with any tips or guidance that will help improve the performance of the system and make your life easier.

The whole process will be straight forward and clear, you will be kept informed at every stage, you will be in control and you won’t have to suffer the stress that others do. You’ll wonder why other companies aren’t like us!

We are dedicated to you, the end user of the system, we know that these systems aren’t the most pleasant things especially if they have gone wrong. We solve problems first time, on time and work with you to save you money so you can spend it on better things than sewage!

Here are a couple of things people have said about our service, you can see loads more on our testimonials page:


Also I would just like to thank you so much for your very prompt action when our septic tank was not working properly, your service level just blew me away and made my week

-Ms Freeman (Service customer)  

Just a quick note to thank you all and express our appreciation for the help in providing us with a prompt and very efficient service. ...He was very thorough in what he did and offered me assured responses to my questions...I was impressed by his knowledge of the system. Thank you all again and hopefully you will schedule us in for next year about the same time.

-Mr & Mrs Dring (Sewage Treatment plant service)        

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We have the only British Water trained engineers and office staff in Lincolnshire. We are trusted by people running offices, workplaces and homeowners. As someone once said:

Let Allerton take the ‘ew’ out of sewage for you!

Act now and get the service you deserve.