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A digger covering dirt over a diamond sewage treatment plant during installation


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06 December 2022

Beware of dog sign

One time Jon Allerton was asked to make a site visit to a farm in order to advise and quote for rectifying a septic tank problem. The farmers had said, in no uncertain terms, ”Do not go round the back because of the dogs! And don’t ring the doorbell ! Wait for me, I will be there at 3pm.”

How To Do A Percolation Test

21 Aug 2021

Dig at least two holes for the percolation test 

The purpose of a percolation test is to see how long a length of field drain (soakaway) you need for your Sewage Treatment Plant.

Allerton Ground Water Tube

 23 Aug 2021
AGWT sketch
If you are concerned about the water level in the area of your soakaway, you can always dig a hole to see what the ground water level is.
Some may refer to this as the Water Table, but that is the level all over the garden including the drive and house too. We are really talking about ground water in the area of septic tank soakaways or Sewage Treatment Plant soakaways or more properly called Drainage Fields.