Here you will find useful information about sewage treatment processes as well as current (and archived) news stories.


A digger covering dirt over a diamond sewage treatment plant during installation

ISO 9001 Annual Audit

20 March 2023

Allerton Sewage Treatment Logo

Congratulations to the team at Allerton for passing the ISO 9001 annual audit.

A Day in the Life of a Servicing Engineer

10 February 2023

Allerton Sewage Servicing Engineer

The servicing engineer plays a very important role in the maintenance of your ConSept or Sewage Treatment Plant.

Lessons learned

06 December 2022

Beware of dog sign

One time Jon Allerton was asked to make a site visit to a farm in order to advise and quote for rectifying a septic tank problem. The farmers had said, in no uncertain terms, ”Do not go round the back because of the dogs! And don’t ring the doorbell ! Wait for me, I will be there at 3pm.”

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