Here you will find useful information about sewage treatment processes as well as current (and archived) news stories.


A digger covering dirt over a diamond sewage treatment plant during installation


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A Dirty Job

27 July 2020


About 30 years ago, before Confined Spaces laws were brought in, Jon Allerton had the task of converting a large cesspool into a pump chamber. A cesspool is an underground tank used to store raw sewage till it is emptied by a suction tanker.

Allerton’s Good Work Filters Through

7 December 2020

Low quality effluent for sewage

The Problem

Allerton were recently asked to assess a small sewage treatment system serving a domestic property in Lincolnshire. The system is believed to date back from the 1940’s.


ConSept Pipe Overhanging Ditch

30 November 2020

Trench being dug out

We recently had to hand dig and re-instate the ground to place an outlet pipe in for a ConSept.