Here you will find useful information about sewage treatment processes as well as current (and archived) news stories.


A digger covering dirt over a diamond sewage treatment plant during installation

ConSept Pipe Overhanging Ditch

30 November 2020

We recently had to hand dig and re-instate the ground to place an outlet pipe in for a ConSept.

Dual Raw Sewage Control Panel Relocation

31 August 2020

We had to put vegetable dye in a Septic Tank during a site survey to see whether it discharged into a ditch!

Dying a septic tank on site

How do you convert raw sewage into clean water?

14 April 2020

Raw sewage from the typical household produces effluent whose strength is estimated by British Water to be 300 BOD. This is similar to 300 parts per million! BOD is the term used for Biological Oxygen Demand.

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