Allerton are the premier off mains drainage company covering sales, servicing, commissioning and repairs of all types of septic tanks, sewage treatment plant, sewage pump stations and soakaways.

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  • Help you protect the environment.
  • Extend the life of your system.
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£6 each*

Allerton Ground Water Tube Sketch Plan

The ideal solution for measuring your soakaway (drainage field) water levels.

Allerton Ground Water Tube

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*2 for £10, 3 for £14 (all prices include UK postage but exclude VAT)

Excellent service and attitude from staff

Mr B (Sewage treatment plant service and repair)

Many thanks for your kind and cheerful service

Mrs Potts (Sewage Treatment Plant Service)

A fantastic experience from quote to completion & considerably cheaper than competition

Mr Stokes, Surfleet (ConSept - New Installation)


We do specialised pump stations for awkward situations!

Need something very small, very shallow, or narrow? Need the inlet at the top? We can do that for you! Whatever your unique specification requirements, Allerton can accommodate!

Our History

23 Nov 2020
In 1966, Jon Allerton moved from his home in Buckinghamshire to Sleaford in Lincolnshire where he was a Ministry of Agiculture civil servant. His job was supervising the farmer's land drainage schemes.
The UK goverment paid a grant amounting to 50% of the cost. Turning poacher he went to work for a comany operating nationally but based in Leeds. He set up a division in Lincolnshire before being promoted to run the land drainage division.
The company was a civil engineering company installing large diameter pipes by the trenchless method. The company went bust as this was not a practical idea. He then worked for Linpave, a local civils and house building company.
After being given three months notice, mainly due to incompetance, he started Allerton Construction Ltd, trading as Allerton Drainage.

First Business

In 1974, bank rate shot up to 18% and to borrow money for the land drainge machine cost him 33%pa for three years. The JCB and tractors were not much cheaper at 28%! However, finding the work was not easy, but somehow, he managed enough to survive the first few years.

Charcoal Business

Later The European union then paid the grants, but administered as before by the MAFF. Eventually the grants were finished and most of the UK had been drained. As the work load diminished he decide another string to his bow was needed. Travelling countries in Europe, he sourced charcoal for BBQs and Indian tandooris.
Buying later from Argentina and the Phillipines, he became one of the biggest importers of charcoal in the UK... then the supermarkets cottoned on! With their buying power and need to persuade people to buy BBQ food and equipment, this closed off this life line for Jon.

Sewage Treatment

By chance, a good friend from land drainage days, George Hutchinson, persuaded him to become an agent for Clearwater. A manufacturer of sewage treatment plant. Later he switched to Waterwise, a similar company.
Deciding he could make his own Sewage Plant, more compact and cheaper, he designed and built a range of plant suitable for a small house as well as for schools and large housing estates. In fact anything that was not connected to the mains sewage.
By now, Allerton Drainage, a perfectly good name for a drainge contractor, was not the right name for a manufacturer of such plant. The trading name reverted to Allerton and the new logo was added.
The companies colours had always been Ford Blue for the tractors and JCB yellow for the diggers. The two colours now represent sewage water and clean water!
Since those ealy days, at the end of the last century, Allerton has hammered out a good reputation all over the country. They do not sell as far afield as Cornwall and Scotland as they once did. Long hauls are not a profitable way to run a company as the units need to be serviced. Allerton operates as a servicing company, which it prides itself in these days.
Jon Allerton is 77 and to ensure the company continues in the right way, that is, providing a solid reliable service to its customers, Jon has trained Jason bradley in all aspects of the business.  The company now has changed its share structure and its name to Allerton Bradley Ltd.
Still trading under the same name, essentially, as it was nearly fifty years ago. All the companies customers suppliers and most importantly, the staff can be sure that the company will still be trading in another 50 years time.
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