Allerton Sewage Servicing Contract and Sewage Maintenance Contract

We also service Klargester, Condor, Entec, Mantair, Mono Pump, Waterwise, Clearwater, Marsh and many others.

Regular servicing and maintenance is recommended to ensure long service life of your sewage treatment system. Allerton provide a full sewage servicing contract and sewage maintenance contract ensuring the following:

  • Pumps are removed, checked and cleaned.
  • Checking Pipework is in good working condition, including valves etc.
  • Distributors stripped down and checked.
  • Diaphragms and filters checked and/or replaced.
  • Replacement of perishable parts as required, including lid seals, locks and hinges.
  • Pumps are tested under working conditions.
  • Checking that the Control Panel is working correctly, which includes timers, consumer units and circuit breakers etc.
  • Floats and/or high level alarms checked.
  • Oil replenishment on certain units.
  • Whether units require desludging or cleaning.



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