Jon Allerton - Allerton Team

Jon Allerton - Company Director

Having had nearly ten years experience in drainage of all sorts Jon Allerton decided to buy his own Land Drainage Machine. Ten years later, when the country as a whole had been drained, he decided to put his considerable knowledge of the way water moves in soils to good commercial use.

Taking on the agencies of Clearwater and Waterwise he realised he could design a better Sewage treatment plant and so the range of Allerton Sewage Treatment Plant became about 25 years later the company is still servicing these units all over the country. European rules made it uneconomical to make the smaller units and his company embraced the Diamond series of STPs.

These units are so reliable that he can recommend them as well as he does his own.

Jason Bradley was taken on as a trainee manager and after 15 years is now the Managing Director leaving Jon to focus on advice and sales.

After 46 years the company changed its name to Allerton Bradley Ltd to reflect this subtle change of direction!