What do our grease traps do?

Our range of grease traps are designed to be installed underground for use in restaurants, nursing homes, hotels & pubs, food processing factories and fast food outlets.

Our standard grease traps are designed to suit up to 500 meals a day. The grease traps are designed to ensure that the liquid is stored within the unit for at least a day allowing the liquid to cool so that the fats and greases can be retained. The grease traps are emptied by vacuum tanker and do not require baskets to be removed manually.


Grease Dosing Systems

A build up of grease, oil and fat can cause the drain runs from the kitchen to become blocked as well as producing a foul odour as the fat starts to rot.

Grease dosing systems are available that will fit under the sink in the kitchen and will pump a measured dose of fat digesting bacteria into the drain run to reduce/eliminate the above problems.

It has the added bonus that it will improve the functioning of a sewage treatment system.

 Grease traps are compatible with these types of sewage treatment systems