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Allerton Ground Water Tube Sketch Plan

The ideal solution for measuring your soakaway (drainage field) water levels.

Allerton Ground Water Tube

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Excellent service and attitude from staff

Mr B (Sewage treatment plant service and repair)

Many thanks for your kind and cheerful service

Mrs Potts (Sewage Treatment Plant Service)

A fantastic experience from quote to completion & considerably cheaper than competition

Mr Stokes, Surfleet (ConSept - New Installation)


We do specialised pump stations for awkward situations!

Need something very small, very shallow, or narrow? Need the inlet at the top? We can do that for you! Whatever your unique specification requirements, Allerton can accommodate!

An attenuation reservoir is a show pond created to take a fast runoff, store it and to let the water go into the watercourse at a much reduced rate!
On this occasion Jon Allerton was asked to provide a floating pump arrangement to remove water from a lake in Nottinghamshire after heavy rainfall. Cost was a major consideration and only a small amount of water would be permitted to enter a ditch which was, in effect, above the water level in the pond.
To do this, a frame was constructed to hold the pump so it was near the surface, not near the muddy bottom. The frame had to hold the pump and the floats. The problem was to get the frame and floats balanced so that it would keep the pump vertical, to save undue pressure on its internal bearings.
The arrangement, or raft, had also to bear the weight of the cable and the flexible 50mm pipeline, from the centre to the edge of the lake. Another float was added part way along the pipe line.
On shore, a control panel was needed to allow the pumping operation to be time controlled. This would allow a limited amount of water to be discharged and for it to be spread out over 24 hours. Several years later and our customer is well pleased.
Another job done!