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monobelt sludge belt press


Sludge belt press

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The Monobelt sludge belt press

The Monobelt sludge belt press comprises two units, the pre-thickener and the sludge press. The pre-thickener performs the initial solid/liquid separation stage and the sludge press takes pre-thickened sludge and spreads it uniformly onto the main filter cloth via a series of baffles.

Why use the Monobelt for
sludge dewatering?

  • Pre-thickener and sludge belt press combined.
  • CE approved with a small footprint.
  • Input solids of 0.5 - 3% DS sludge dewatered to 18 - 30% DS.
  • Continuous belt with extended belt life in excess of five years.
  • Coated carbon steel rollers provide higher pressure, therefore higher dry solids.
  • Simple to maintain, the Monobelt sludge belt press can be changed within two hours.
  • 2 year warranty on all working parts.

How the Monobelt works

See image to the right. The Monobelt sludge belt press is an innovative press that uses an endless belt. This means that as well as producing a dryer cake than traditional equipment using the same width of cloth, the sludge throughput can be higher.

The Monobelt sludge belt press takes pre-thickened sludge and spreads it evenly onto the main filter cloth via a series of baffles. Final sludge dewatering occurs as the sludge cake passes between the perforated cylinder, which is covered with the secondary cloth and the main cloth. The alignment and tension of the belt are controlled from the main control panel using pistons and pneumatic actuators. The machine is monitored with sensors that will halt the operation in the event of a malfunction. The control panel provides fully automatic operation. .

monobelt sludge belt press
  1. Sludge Inlet
  2. Cake Outlet
  3. Drum Motor
  4. Washing Pump
  5. Control Panel
  6. Pre-thickener

Alternative sludge dewatering systems


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monobelt diagram


MAX FLOW m³/hr* 8 12
(A) 1520 1920
(B) 1220 1620
(C) 220 220
(D) 1920 1920
(E) 3316 3316
(F) 187 187
(G) 1930 1930
(H) 1850 1850
MAX FLOW m³/hr* 20 40
(A) 2220 2600
(B) 1920 2240
(C) 220 240
(D) 1920 2240
(E) 3316 3585
(F) 187 187
(G) 1930 1950
(H) 1850 2130


Allerton reserves the right to alter the Monobelt specifications and dimensions without notice.