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Allerton sludge dewatering equipment

Allerton provide a range of products for all your sludge dewatering requirements.

The Teknobag Draimad

The Teknobag Draimad sludge dewatering package plant is completely automatic.

The Monobelt sludge belt press

The Monobelt sludge belt press comprises two units, the pre-thickener and the sludge press.

The Scrudrain sludge thickener

The Scrudrain sludge thickener improves upon more conventional sludge thickeners.

The Scrufilter

The Scrufilter can be used to improve effluent sludge in many scenarios.

The Polydilution

Our range of sludge polydilution equipment has been designed for use with our range of sludge dewatering equipment.

Our most popular

pump station

The Allerton Raw Sewage Pumping Station

Sewage Pumping Station

Single or Dual Raw

Sewage Pumping Station

is recommended

for applications


one or more homes

where gravity flow is not available.


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