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Septic Tank Conversion

If you already have a septic tank that is in a good physical condition but is causing problems, the Allerton ConSept septic tank conversion system is the product for you.

The ConSept fits within your existing septic tank and will provide you with all the benefits of a sewage treatment system with minimal mess and disturbance.

Sewage treatment systems

Our range of sewage treatment systems are designed to treat your sewage on site and discharge into a ditch or watercourse.

The Allerton biofilter sewage treatment system ranges from 4 to 180 persons and are all manufactured from high quality glass reinforced plastic to ensure a long trouble free life.

Pump Stations

If there is a mains sewer available, but you are unable to gravitate to it, you will need our packaged sewage pump station.

Each sewage pump station in our range has been designed to provide storage capacity as required by the Building Regulations. We also design bespoke units if required.

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Our most popular

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The Allerton Raw Sewage Pumping Station

Sewage Pumping Station

Single or Dual Raw

Sewage Pumping Station

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one or more homes

where gravity flow is not available.


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