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“Our soakaway is failing and causing the septic tank to fill up.”

We were contacted by Mr and Mrs T from Cambridgeshire who had a familiar problem.

Their soakaway was failing causing the septic tank to fill up and the sewer pipes from the house to the septic tank to be constantly blocking up.

They were reticent to invite people to stay because the downstairs toilet would not flush properly and if their visitors had showers or baths the septic tank would overflow and a puddle of foul smelling effluent would appear in the garden.

“We recommended a septic tank conversion to solve their problem.”

We visited the site, completely analysed the problem and recommended a septic tank conversion using the Allerton ConSept.

The Allerton ConSept was installed within the existing septic tank and a new 20m long high-level soakaway extension was added.

Due to access restrictions and to limit the disruption to the lawn, the soakaway was hand dug. The turf was removed, the soil was barrowed out and stone barrowed in. Finally the turf was replaced leaving a scar across the lawn that was already beginning to disappear a couple of weeks after installation.

Mr and Mrs T are no longer worried when visitors come to stay.