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Interceptors and separators

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Allerton interceptors and separators

Interceptors or separators are used where there is a risk of oil, chemicals or suspended solids contaminating the surface water drains. They are designed to remove pollutants from the water and allow the cleaned water to discharge into a surface water drain.

Bypass separators are used in low risk sites such as a car park. Full retention separators are used on sites where there is a high risk of contamination. Both types come in two classes:

Class 1
Achieves concentration of 5mg/l of oil and can be discharged to surface water drain.

Class 2
Achieves concentration of 100mg/l of oil and can be discharged to foul sewer.

Our most popular

pump station

The Allerton Raw Sewage Pumping Station

Sewage Pumping Station

Single or Dual Raw

Sewage Pumping Station

is recommended

for applications


one or more homes

where gravity flow is not available.